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About GatorTech

Empowering students from all backgrounds to engage with technology and develop an innovation mindset.

What we offer


An inclusive place to explore every facet of technology.

GatorTech investigates and discuss popular and emerging topics and investigate the ever-changing tech and business landscape.

Here's what else you can expect:

Learn Together

Collaborate on Projects

Join your peers as we engage in activities to reinforce our newly covered module content.

Career Opportunities

We offer opportunities for our members to network with staff and recruiters from firms looking to hire Gators!

Learning technology can be intimidating on your own. Having friends interested in the same space as you can make it a little easier.

Come join us!


Virtually on Zoom

6:30 - 7:30 PM

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Membership Highlights

Open to all majors

No tech background needed

Develop your technology knowledge

Fun and informative meetings